Saturday, February 25, 2012

Serenity in the middle of the storm

When I was a child most people I knew had at least one rocking chair at their house, especially older people.  Of course, a rocking chair does not mean the same for a child. For a child a rocking chair is just that “a chair that rocks” the harder, the better. It is like being in your own blissful place. You rock back and forth none stop until you get tired or until an adult asked you to get up.

I remember looking to buy one for the longest time. I wanted something nice and comfortable, but not very expensive. I kept looking for almost a year; it was the piece missing at my house. The one I liked were too expensive and the one that were inexpensive were not that nice.  However, I did not stop looking until I found exactly what I have in mind or close and for a price I was able to afford.  
Why did I want to get a rocking chair so bad?

Sometimes life gets so hectic that we forget to unwind. We want to this, we want to accomplish that, and we do not take time to nourish our soul. Furthermore, some of us do not have the money or the time for therapy or healing retreats, but everyone needs to get the feeling of relaxation every so often.  Therefore, I tried to find something that would bring the sensation of repose to my life. That was my rocking chair!
 A rocking chair symbolizes tranquility and childhood joy for me. It does not matter if I just sit to drink coffee or if I sit rocking slowly back and forth with my eyes closed; it is just a different experience. Sometimes I wonder if it brings the same feeling to my friends, because for some reason most people who visit me prefer to sit on my rocking chair.

It is very important even as an adult to be able to get into that blissful place. To go to a space where you can meditate, relax, let everything go, even if it is just for a few minutes. Starts thinking about things that make you feel like a child again, about things that bring quietness to your soul and mind.  Think about what it can be.  It can be a place, a room, a corner, a game, a hobby, or just a piece of furniture like mine. The important thing is to get in touch with your inner child, to get to that place where nothing matter, where you can enjoy serenity in the middle of the storm. 


  1. I really like this. This place that takes me away is on the floor playing with my dogs. There is such a joy in a playful dog it can make you forget everything else.

    1. Animals have that wonderful power, especially dogs. That's very nice Rantmaster Rich.